Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why the Democrats fears Sarah Palin

The Democrats fears Sarah Palin for very good reason.

Sarah Palin is going to be our next President.

That is why they are out to destroy her. They see her coming and they are scared. They are going to pull out every trick they got to try and stop her.

If she runs, and I think she will, she will have my full support. Palin is the whole package.

Michael Reagan said in the last campaign that every Republican voter was looking for his father. The younger Reagan said that there would never be another Ronald Reagan. I grudgingly had to conclude he was right.

The last bunch of Republican candidates was profoundly discouraging to me. There was no winner in that paltry bunch.
But I want to go on record here that I see Sarah Palin’s potential for America’s second renewal after four miserable years of Obama just as Reagan was after four miserable years of Jimmy Carter.


  1. The left's fear of Sarah Palin goes much deeper than her becoming President. It is her persona and message they fear because they both resonate with the average American; stronly with Conservative's,women in general (loudly or not)and Independant's.

    Palin shatters the liberals idea of what a woman is or should be, as though they or anyone (besides the individual woman) has a right to form or dictate that idea.

    It is the voters actually paying attention that the liberals fear the most as seen in August townhall's or in democrat districts,lack of them.

    Palin was 'new' to the National stage in the last election cycle-not now. With her Facebook outlet and new book her message is unfiltered by the media and is now clear and more are paying attention.

    Another group fear her as well-RINO's which sadly make up the majority of the RNC. She is bringing back Conservatism and does not cow-tow to the party-line.

  2. I have been asking that same question for a few weeks now. Palin resonates with a lot of republicans and some of the conservative base. If someone took a "snapshot" right now, I'd say that I'd really like to see Sarah run in 2012. I think she has the capacity to gain a lot of momentum in the next couple of years. I would like just a few more questions answered before I would throw my complete support behind her. I think I'll get those answers over the next 12 months or so.

  3. You crack me up Mind Speaker. I hope you don't mind me stopping by for some rational discussion of issues from time to time.

    As to being afraid of Palin? Nah. What we fear is deluded fools deifying her into something she is not.

  4. Truth is always welcome at Conservative blogs, he's a "Token" lib..

  5. Truth - you mean like they did Obama?

  6. You got that exactly correct Right-Wing, the liberals swimming in koolaid deified B. Hussein and now look at the mess.

    Oops, guess he was NOT the ONE ? It took only 10 months for his approval rating to drop to 49%,the fastest of all who preceeded him.

    Truth should look in the mirror before stepping out,there might be dirt on face.

  7. I would love it if Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012. She is an excellent role model for our youth and holds true to her values. Her message is strong and goes against liberalism. She does a great job at pointing out the lunacy of liberalism. I really love the way she is so passionate. She is a tough cookie who has shown she is willing to fight back when attacked by the media. If she runs in 2012, she will have my full support.