Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feds to hold the trial for Sept. 11 suspects in Manhattan

What could be the reason this is a stupid decision. Obama may have put himself in an impossible position. Holder is going after these guys in federal court under US laws. He must know that in the case of at least Khalid Mohammed some of the evidence was extracted under "techniques of extreme interrogation". Maybe his agenda is to try the Bush administration by proxy, but the net result is he risks having evidence suppressed or else torture will be sanctioned. THerefore Obama could be remembered as the President who let the WTC bombers walk or the President under whom torture was legitimized for later use in domestic cases (are you watching Junior?). Either way Stupid, very stupid decision.


  1. I agree. Stupid decision for such an educated, enlightened liberal with a progressive worldview. Pfffft. Guy's an idiot and the trial is gonna be a circus. When they've sold all the ad space they can, these hate-moslems will get life behind bars where they will continue to communicate and plan strategy with their bed-buddies on the outside while you and I pay the bill.

    We need to discard the joker and we can get someone who can prosecute a real war against these moslems. They'll either give up and go home to their desert or we can just kill 'em all. That ought to be the only choice they get.

    Three-thousand innocent lives ought to count for much more than obama and his socialists have given us. Much more.

  2. RWL~ And that's just the the Left (& thereby Obama's) hate for GWB & thirst for some entitled revenge SO GREAT that they're willing to crush our nation like this?

    It just makes me want to throw up. Just when you think it can't get any worse...

  3. I know, Suz ... but I'm not so sure we the people will roll over just yet. With each time a hate-moslem kills or injures an American, we the people get angrier. We're angry at the moslems for not cleaning their own house. We're angry at obama for being plain clueless. We're angry at the rest of his socialists because they are not focused on *any* of the issues that if addressed, would build a stronger America. Sooner or later, we the people will take control. We cannot afford to lose any more precious Americans to these ridiculous barbarian moslems, nor can we afford the continued indecision and apologies from our leadership, when decisive and direct action is required. Obama can call it what he likes, and alienate even more Americans in the process, but we are at war ... a war we didn't ask for.

  4. I hope & pray you're right, RWL. I hope & pray.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I needed that!

    Keep up the good work, David!