Saturday, November 7, 2009

Barack Obama: The Great Divider

As we celebrate today one of the greatest accomplishments of the most accomplished president of the second half of the twentieth century, it becomes incumbent on ourselves to contrast his rhetoric with that of the current incumbent. Whereas Ronald Reagan reserved his greatest venom for the enemies of the United States, Barack Obama reserves his for the adversaries of the Democratic Party and the opponents of his ideology.

We have seen him repeatedly blame his predecessor for the difficulties of the job for which he spent two years campaigning to get. Nixon never blamed, at least not in public, Johnson for leaving him a mismanaged war in Vietnam. Once in office, FDR didn’t remind Americans of the failings of his predecessor, instead he appealed to the best in their nature — and this nation.
Say what you will I’m just glad Obama is going to give me and my 200 employees free health care. How soon will that start? I hope next week. Some of my folks aren’t feeling well after readin about his healthcare plan..

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  1. Man, you hit it RIGHT on the head!!! I really don't think Americans have been so dramatically divided as we are now. It's good to see many oblama supporters jumping ship, admitting that "making history" wasn't worth the huge wedge between us that the socialist movement has driven.